A Splashing Time with Hotel Transylvania 3


 L.A Mamacitas x Hotel Transylvania 3 


 Summer's heat is finally here and with that comes the struggle of keeping our little ones cool! As parents we have to really get creative sometimes to find ways to keep them fresh & hydrated during this crazy heat. These past couple of days, I've been letting Emily play with a bucket of water and a cup to get wet with (outside of course), She goes crazy splashing and trying to wet everyone in sight! (whoops) This little girl has a obsession with water! L.A Mamacitas recently hosted a water adventure of their own to celebrate the upcoming release of Hotel Transylvania 3!!

Grand Park was the perfect setting for a picnic and a splashing great time with the kiddos! The mamas had a great time chatting away while the kiddos had a blast running around and bouncing beach balls around. Perfect for a summer vacation right? Which is what Hotel Transylvania 3 is all about!

 As always Ruby and Janet go above and beyond for the perfect decor, accessories, and location for all of our L.A Mamacitas events. These vibrant rugs and sun shades reminded me of a summer vacation by the beach under a nice umbrella! Can you picture it? Although they enjoy taking care of all of the details, they also work with creative mompreneurs. Liz from @my.craftcorner made beautiful tags, labels, and banner to personalize the L.A Mamacitas decor! Adorable!

And of course, keeping everyone hydrated in this Summer was a priority for these mamacitas & papasitos!
 You have to make sure to have plenty of water on hand with this heat!


Speaking of water, I think the kids enjoyed the water the most! Shoes, hats, and bathing suits were a must for this fun summer adventure! There's nothing like watching the kiddos splash around giggling as they try to step on every water fountain! Ah the life of a child!  I cannot wait to bring Emily on her on her first water adventure, a summer cruise! Water everywhere! Imagine how she will react?!

While we have to wait a few months for that summer cruise, our favorite monster family is embarking on a cruise adventure of their own! This upcoming Friday, July 13th join Drac and his family as they go on the ultimate family cruise!

How were they able to drag Drac out of the hotel beats me but, look how excited he is to go on vacation! I guess after hosting everyone at the hotel, it was definitely time for a vacation of his own! Hahaha!

 In Hotel Transylvania 3 the entire monster clan go on the ultimate summer vacation on a luxury monster cruise ship. Its all fun and games as they enjoy everything the cruise has to offer! Some monsters join in on volleyball, others go on excursions, and some even catch up on their tan (who knew monsters tanned)! Everything seems like a smooth sailing up until the captain comes in! Captain Ericka swoops Drac off of his feet, hes in love! What! For a moment you think, finally lonely no more! It's not until Ericka's dangerous secret is revealed that we see the jeopardy the monster family is in! What will happen to all monsterkind? We will have to see it to find out! In the meantime enjoy this monster trailer and head out to see Hotel Transylvania 3 on July 13th!!

I hope you are all keeping cool in this summer heat! Thank you Hotel Transylvania 3 for letting us join in on the adventure!  <3


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