When Life Puts You in a Funk...


It's 2018 and it has taken me longer than usual to post, I know. 🙆

I'll be honest with all of you, I've fallen into a life funk!!

Yes, I have so many drafts and ideas of what I wanted to write about next then, LIFE!

My dog started getting sick.. Family Illnesses... Family deaths.. Family issues... Attorneys... and my Dog's passing.. Yep!

Hey 2018! You really have me on my toes this year!!

But, then again.. That is life! Asi Es La Vida! We go through our goods, our bad but, we'll push through in the end.

So I'll dedicate this post to snapping out of your funk!

First and foremost, I think it's important to realize when you're in a funk! I realized this when I had nothing else to do than to laugh at all of the misfortunes that I was going through. Already expecting the next thing that will go wrong.  Seriously, I started to laugh it off because of course that will happen to me... Bring it on.. right!?!

The more aware I became that I was going through a funk, the more I wanted to fight it! And although I still feel in that funk, I am challenging myself to snap the hell out of it! This post for example was my first step, me telling myself "you have to post," it's me peeking my foot through that funk exit door!

Life is well.. Life right now but, amazingly and as down as I've been feeling lately, opportunities have started to emerge. I think it's God telling me to snap out of it! I also think it's God's way of reminding me of what I love to do, what gives me the thrills, and what journey he has in store for me.

Someone recently asked me "What is your why?"


Why am I here?

To help... To connect!  To reach out to women and help them be the best version of themselves and grow along with them. My passion is reaching out! I want women to know we are not alone.  I don't want any of them to feel as I once felt, depressed, alone, and even resentful. So, I may not be a professional. I may not always know the answers but, I will sure as hell listen to you, and give you my thoughts as best and as honest as I strive to be. I will definitely use my tools to connect you to whoever I think can lend a hand, and I will always look for ways we can all grow! Why? Because we are all here to be the best we can be and if we use our tools to help each other out, imagine the possibilities! Chingonas for sure!

So yeah, I'm working on kicking that funk! I'm starting to keep myself busy and letting myself get excited for new opportunities and ideas.

I've come across some very amazing inspiring ladies that motivate me to always continue to work on myself and always help others. I'm also seeking out and using tools to give me that extra push, one of them being books!

I've picked up two books that I'm working on right now, one is "Fight the Funk & Slay In Everyway" by Ms. Arie Rose (she is an amazing individual btw, go follow her @iamarierose). The other was recommended by many of you called, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.

On top of that, to give myself that extra push, I'm joining Ashley LeMieux from The Shine Project  on a 5-day Stand Up and Shine Instagram Challenge . For 5 days Ashley will be sending us challenges that will empower us and help us work on ourselves. I'll be honest, I'm scared, I'm not sure what she'll have us do or post and I am sure as hell not sure how conformable I will feel about it. 😅 But, in the words of my favorite character, Barney Stinson...


 The challenge begins this Sunday (Feb. 18th) for more information or to join along with me, Click here!

Anddddd lastly, I have events coming up that I'm definitely looking forward to! 😄 I cannot wait to share with you all! 😀 More than anything, I cannot wait to bring you along my next journey! Please make sure you're following me @YesicaV014 🙌

Cheers Ladies, to kicking ass and snapping out of that Funk!



  1. Love it. Thank you for posting. My passion is connecting people to resources. Can’t wait to talk more!


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