When Mama needs a break!

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a break and breathe...

Being a working mama is definitely not easy and just as I feel as though I can handle it all, life begins to test me. I've been on a short fuse lately, snapping at little things that I just need a little more patience with. Honestly, I feel the lack of sleep, my dog being sick, trying to take care of other peoples problems, and my curious toddler has this mama is all drained out. I hate to sound so negative because I try my best to always look at the bright side of things but, I would be lying to myself and to you guys if I said everything was good with this mama.

 My toddler is in the wandering/ independent stage, which means that this little girl is into anything and everything! In return, I'm staring to feel more stressed out after constantly running after her, rushing to move our dogs water bowl before she sticks her foot inside of it (again), hiding the Roomba vacuum before she manages to run it for the gazillionth time, and making sure the toilet it locked. I'm trying to keep my cool and teach her that's a "no-no" but, it is far from easy. I don't blame her, I want her to explore, I want her to wander but, not at the cost of my house being turned upside down or, me almost having a heart attack as her little teeth gleam of pride because she's on the highest step of the step ladder. I think this might be a contributing factor as to why I've been so snappy lately. When I manage to clean up one mess, she's already on to the next one... So what did you do with your wandering toddler? What has helped you that I can try at home? Do I just need a break? A huge glass of wine maybe??

I need to remind myself that sometimes instead of stressing over little things or reaching a snapping point, take a break, breathe, and change my attitude. Easier said than done, right?

So, I'm committing myself this week to invest in a little self care and do a few of my favorite things like:
  1.  Grab a new book - I was an avid reader in my pre-mom days, I think its time to pick up a book and indulge in a little reading.
  2.  Finally use one of those bath bombs I bought but, never used! 
  3. Do my hair at least more than once this week! No more "mom hair" (pony tail or bun)
  4. Take an hour this week and go get a massage (I have a $20 for an hour massage place that is the best!) 
  5. Go Outdoors!
  6. Look into signing up to a class (yoga, zumba, line dancing, something...)
 If you can relate to me and feel the same way about needing to stress less and take a break, I also challenge you to invest a little bit of your time in self care.Do something you love, spend a little time in silence or do something you haven't had chance to do in a long time.

Today to start, I started focusing on my attitude towards things. Many times our minds are on auto drive and we tent to react to things without thinking. My daughter had a fever all night and so, being the worried mama that I am, I stood up all night until I made sure her fever was down. This morning I felt like a zombie and again snippy Jess came out. I was upset (or probably even jealous) because my husband slept through the night, while I stood wide awake with a feverish toddler.  My mind was set on what a shitty day I was going to have and my attitude was not helping. After being a smart ass with my husband, he stopped me in my tracks to make me aware that my attitude towards the way I feel will make me feel worse and drag me down rather than help me feel better. So, I changed my way of thinking. Yes, I'm tired, yes, I feel like a walking zombie, but, I have the peace of mind knowing that my daughter is okay. The rest of my day was much better than what I expected, this working mama managed to cook, clean, and ever do laundry! So attitude ladies! Attitude was my Monday lesson! 

To continue with the positive attitude and focus on self care, next week I'll be attending the Super Mama's Vision Board Posada. I would love to gift a lucky lady in need of a me day, a ticket to this Sold Out event!

On this night, we will be gathering with the Super Mama's for a night filled with inspiration, laughs, dinner, and relaxation as we focus on making our very own vision board for this new upcoming year. This will be my very first time attending this type of event and I am looking forward to making my very own vision board and more than anything meeting new ladies and taking a night off to unwind.

The Posada will take place on December 14th at 6:30 PM in the Munchkin Headquarters located in Van-Nuys. 

If you are not familiar with the Super Mama's Sisterhood and their wonderful podcast, I invite you to visit  www.supermamas.com/ to learn more of the great support, events, and inspiration these sisters offer! I was introduced to the Super Mama's Sisterhood by my friend Denise,  right smack in the middle of my PPD. Through them I was able to find other mommies that reached out to me and have lent their support. I am so happy to be part of this sisterhood and sometimes I wish I would've found this group much sooner! This is why I encourage all moms and non-moms to find a group of women that will inspire you, support you, and help you grow!

  If this is you in need of a night off or, if you know a mama that can use this night off,
 here's how to enter:

  1.  Make sure you're following me on Instagram @YesicaV014
  2. Look for my Giveaway post and comment with what you do for a little self care (or what you need to remind yourself to do!)

 Feel free to tag a friend and have them follow me and post their self-care advice to get entered!

 I will be drawing a winner on  December 8th on Instagram Live!
*I will contact winner! Please! Please! Please! Make sure you can attend! This is a sold out event and I would hate for the ticket to go to waste!
** One Entry Per Person


  1. It's so hard to find the time. my suggestion for feeling like a grown up is to call friends on your commute. and leave the mess. unless you have company coming over. clean up after bedtime. don't stress mama. maybe help remind her if she's done playing with something it has to be picked up.


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