A Time to Grow...

I'm still in the "I cannot believe I'm putting myself out there!" stage ahhh, I am so thankful for all of the feedback! Honestly, my heart sings every time I read your comments, direct messages, and texts. Thank you! Today, I wanted to share a little about the event finally pushed me to make the jump onto this blogging world.

 A few months ago I came across the #WeAllGrow Latina Network, An amazing organization that promotes networking opportunities for Latina bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs. They focus on connecting brands with influencers and ultimately helping everyone Grow <3 They were holding an invite only event called #WeAllGrow Familia, catering to the digital entrepreneur mommy (and daddy). This event consisted of an entire day of panels, mentoring sessions, and of course networking opportunities.

   My initial thought upon coming across this event was
1. How AMAZING it would be to attend this event!
2. How much I would learn as an upcoming blogger from this event, and
 3. The thought of connecting with bloggers, moms, and entrepreneurs was something that I could not miss!

The only downside to this was that I still hadn't taken the leap as a blogger! My fear of putting myself out there has always gotten the best of me, there was no chance I would be invited if I stuck hiding behind my fears. I don’t know if it was curiosity or my coffee was extra strong that day but, I said why not and submitted my invitation request. Sometimes you have to remind yourself what’s the worst that can happen and just take that chance. A few days later, by some miracle, there it was! My eyes lit up as I opened my email, and I sat there staring at my invitation mind-boggled! I instantly thought This is God, this is a sign! A sign from the universe that I am on the path that I was meant to be! (yes, one of my weird Aha! moments)

The day of the event finally came and, I was a nervous wreck! I honestly felt as though I was not going to fit in. I was constantly imagining people yelling “Impostor!” and me running out of there as fast as I could (total telenovela movent, I know). Driving there I tried my best to not let my thoughts and fears (along with the nerves) get the best of me. I kept reminding myself, You will be okay, Yesica! And as I was pumping myself up,  Juana la Cubana came on the radio (what Latino does not love this song!?) I blasted the radio and let my fears and nerves get blocked out by fun memories of my family and our crazy dance parties. My fears went from me telling myself "que estas haciendo?" to me dancing carelessly in my seat as I let my fears turn into excitement.  Ay Juana, me salvaste

The event itself was breathtaking! The location, the people, the panels, the mentors, the sponsors, the food, OMG... the coffee, the entire day was just perfect!

I wanted to share snippets of my day at #WeAllGrow Familia and my experience attending this beautiful event!

#WeAllGrow Familia

We were greeted by these lovely ladies that helped us get all checked in

Everyone attending was gifted with these huge goody bags filled with tons
 of items from the amazing sponsors! (Thank you)

Finally in! This gorgeous sign and decor welcomed us as we made our way in!

First things first!! Coffee by Cafe Santo!!

Guys, this coffee was AMAZING! 
 I kept coming back and each time I would ask the barista to surprise me! They did not disappoint! Delicioso!

Breakfast time! Carters and Osh Kosh provided breakfast and even had us jumping to look under our chairs for gift cards!

Before getting ready to go inside for the first pannel, I picked up my very own water bottle from Aguavida! 
This little guy keep me hydrated throughout the day! 

Finally settling in and getting ready to take notes! Everyone had a sweet cookie, pen, and this 
gorgeous Erin Condren notebook to take notes!

Mr. Steve Dunn, CEO of Munchkin gave us the warmest welcoming and invited all to explore the 
headquarters! This place is so beautiful!! So much artwork! Loved it!

 Ana Flores, Founder of #WeAllGrow Latina Network, welcoming 
everyone and introducing the first panel of the day.


Here's were it got really good!! We spent the majority of our day learning on particular topics with guest speakers! Each session had its own unique topic along with great (and very knowledgeable) speakers. I was so intrigued during each session! Seriously, my brain was yelling feed me more!

As a mother and new blogger, I related to so many of the speakers and panels. From how to incorporate your family and business, to how to be a successful mommypreneur, everything hit home and ideas started flowing in! I loved that we even had a chance to get up close and personal during our small group mentoring sessions. I love the large group setting but, sometimes working in a small group makes you feel connected to other participants. 


Munchkins gorgeous display! Thank you for treating us so good!

Ending the day with a Fiesta presented by Disney's Coco! Indulged on so many treats, cookies, elotes, and this delicious cotton candy by Twisted for Sugar! Yum! Definitely not your typical cotton candy! Thank you so much mama!

 I came out of #WeAllGrowFamilia feeling so inspired, so thankful, and so blessed. I met so many amazing people, people who inspired me, people to upon meeting, I instantly connected with. And I re-connected with old friends and bloggers that are already a huge inspiration to me. More than anything, this whole event was a Godsend. A reminder that no matter how scared or how much doubt you have in yourself, you will get nowhere without stepping that foot into the door. These last few months have been a struggle for myself, I've been feeling as though I've hit a wall in my journey. Confused on how I want to grow and pushing my goals back to "I'll do it later". You know you start getting into a pattern of daily life, it's a routine that just keeps going and going with no change, eventually you start wearing out. Maybe this is the exact reason why my instincts told me to GO FOR IT and request an invitation. I'm so Glad I did! I will forever be Thankful for this opportunity!
I'm so proud to have stepped into the blogger world! The excitement I feel is truly one of a kind and something that I haven't felt for a long time now! A lot of my friends have shared  with me that they've also thought about blogging but, have yet to take that first step or are lost. Learn from my journey and see how this clueless mommy with an idea finally took the leap. 

Funny side parenting story...

While I was at #WeAllGrow Familia, my husband was on daddy duties with the little one. Somehow, while he was asleep, Emily woke up and managed to climb out of bed. Well turns out, she figured out how to undo her diaper and go commando! George wakes up to a nice puddle in the restroom (at least she went in the restroom, right?) anddddd then she decided to go (number 2) in our bedroom! Yikes! I could imagine my poor husbands reaction! This guy cringes at the sight of baby feces! Hahahah.. That parent life!

Special Thanks to this amazing lady, Ana Flores, founder of the #WeAllGrow Network! Ana and her amazing team put this beautiful event together! 

Big shout out to all of the wonderful sponsors, this event could not have been possible without the generosity of these wonderful companies!
Please make sure to visit www.weallgrowlatina.com for more information on how to join this wonderful network! I would love to see you at their next event!!


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