L.A Mamacitas Blogger & Small Business Workshop Recap

As much as you can plan an event, activity, heck even a change in your life, things can and sometimes will go south. I almost missed our blogger workshop. Yes, an event that Ruby, Janet, and I have been planning like crazy and preparing for, was almost a no go for me. It's crazy how life throws you a curveball and it is up to you to get yourself up and push through. Although I'm not fully healed or ready to share my experience, I will say that being at this event surrounded by so many other ladies has helped me lift my spirits. There's nothing like being surrounded by a community of positive and empowering women and I am so proud of what L.A Mamacitas has created. No one knows what another person might be experiencing at that moment but, what I do know is that when you surround yourself with good people, you tend to forget those curveballs that life unexpectedly throws at you.

One thing about L.A Mamacitas is that a huge part of us is all about helping our community. Whether we are supporting other women and their ventures or connecting one another. We all have a huge heart and mindset on always supporting everyone, community over competition.

As a new blogger, I've realized that one thing about the blogging world is that it does not come with instructions. You literally have to work your way around building your blog, establishing your domain and all of the other fun technical stuff that comes along with creating a blog. It takes a lot of time and finding the help you need can be difficult. Equally as challenging is starting a new business, the headaches and countless hours that come with figuring out how to start up your business can lead to giving up or putting it on the back burner. As business mamas, we thought it was only right to share what we know when it comes to starting up your own business or blog. Our hopes is that it helps those who are wanting to start a blog or their own small business take that leap. It was such a great experience to be able to share what Ruby, Janet, and I have learned throughout our journey as bloggers and business women at our first Blogger & Small Business Workshop. 

Camila Boutique and Rustic Charm & Petals warmly opened their doors for our workshop and I have to say that I was in awe of the beauty and uniqueness of these two locations and their inspiring owners.
Camila Boutique carries a variety of amazing and of course super stylish outfits for women. This little gem started off from a small home business and has grown to the amazing storefront boutique that it is today. Sonia, the owner of Camila Boutique, not only manages the boutique but, also handles the mom life like the boss woman she truly is! Her inspiration behind everything she does is her late mother, who continues to push her forward. Within her boutique you'll find the most beautiful memoir dedicated to her with the quote "Mujer Bonita es la que Lucha"   (Pretty woman is the one who fights) as a reminder that it's not your looks that make you pretty, it is your perseverance and fight that makes that  beauty within you stand out.  Her persistence and vision has grown her boutique to be beauty it is today. You are an inspiration to us working mamas Sonia!  Ruby, Janet, and I were honored to wear our Camila Boutique outfits at our workshop!

Rustic Charm & Petals with its whimsical vibe carries an array of flowers and decor for everyone. You'll feel like home when you walk into this little flower shop. The decor, the scents, and the amazing people here will make you not want to leave this place. Sandy started Rustic Charm & Petals from home by making $25 arrangements for her customers. Then quickly growing to monthly subscription arrangements. Sandy contemplated on expanding her growing flower shop, hesitating whether if it was the right timing. As the universe has it, all the right signs were there and today this little beauty continues to flourish! This little flower shop has bloomed to now catering everything from small arrangements to large events like weddings.  In addition to floral and decor, Sandy also offers various workshops at her shop from floral arrangements to chalk writing. What sets her aside from the rest is her uniqueness in style that she brings to the table. The flowers and elements she uses are not the type you find at your typical flower shop. Thank you Sandy for making us feel like home!




There is nothing greater feeling than women supporting other women! We are eternally grateful for Sonia and Sandy opening their doors to us and sharing their experience as boss ladies! It really inspires me to see women collaborating with one another and most importantly believing in each other. 

Our Mamacitas

 Our amazing attendees! THANK YOU! 
Thank your for having faith in us to teach you the tools on how to grow your business or blog!  Your support means the world to us! After each event we host is over, we take time to reflect and are grateful for each opportunity that comes our way. Our mission is to continue connect, collaborate, and  to grow along with you all. Personally, this event helped me come out of a sad situation that I was going through at the moment. The support and positive energy that come from events like these are so empowering and needed no matter what it is that you're going through. Cheers to many, many more Mamacitas! 


We are always looking to connect and collaborate with businesses that are in line with our visions. Always seeing to it that we introduce our Mamacitas to brands that we love and are unique. This time around, we are thankful to have been able to collaborate with some amazing businesses!

Our vision for this event could not have been made possible without our amazing sponsors and contributors. I want to give a very special thank you to

Camila Boutique - Venue & Drinks

Rustic Charm & Petals - Venue & Tables

One Call Event Rentals - Cross Back Chairs 

Gartner Studios - Journals

One Delightful Cookie - Cookies

SG Tax Services - Pastries 

For those wondering how to attend any of our upcoming events, make sure you sign up to our L.A Mamacitas newsletter here!

Make sure to visit Camila Boutique (257 W. 7th Street, San Pedro, Ca) for any fashion needs and  Rustic Charm & Petals ( 251 W 7th St. San Pedro, Ca) for all floral & decor! 

Till Next Time!!



** Some images were provided by our amazing attendees, thank you ladies!


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