L.A Mamacitas x Sherlock Gnomes

 You know when you're in a funk then suddenly, life starts throwing new opportunities at you to snap you out of it? I see you God!

My daily routine had me well.. bored.. tired.. and really in search of my next adventure. That was my mindset for the WeAllGrow Latina Summit (blog post on this adventure is on the works), find new opportunities and jump on them!

And well jump on them I sure did! I am so proud to say that I am now part of the amazing,

 L.A Mamacitas!

If you're wondering who the L.A Mamacitas are?? The L.A Mamacitas consists of an amazing duo, Ruby and Janet who are mothers, wives, and damn hard workers. These Mamacitas are in charge of organizing empowering social events to bring together and connect the community and brands. Making it their mission to create a one of a kind experience where everyone can collaborate and connect with one another.

So, this duo opened up their doors and made me their first official Brand Ambassador! And just like that, the once duo is now a trio! I am so thankful and grateful to have come across this amazing group of women!

Quickly, I've jumped into their world of planning and organizing events and with great excitement, 
here is our first of (God willing) many events!!

Dreaming Big with Sherlock Gnomes!



Gnomeo and Juliet are back at it again but, this time they're out to solve a disappearing mystery!!  After a group of garden gnomes start to go missing, Gnomeo and Juliet seek the help of the famous detective, Sherlock Gnomes! Off to an exiting adventure they go and what do they discover? You'll have to see the film to find out!!! Coming to your local theater on March 23rd!!!  

Sherlock Gnomes is on the case and going to figure out why so many bloggers and their kiddos are at the Dream Big Children's Center in Monrovia?

Just like the Gnomes, the Yesi-Can family along with a group of amazing bloggers, were off to a new adventure at the Dream Big Children's Center in Monrovia!! We had the amazing opportunity to attend a great celebration in honor of the upcoming release of Sherlock Gnomes! And we were in for an adventure for sure!!

The Dream Big Children's Center set up the theme with a perfectly decorated room filled with tons of greenery and a garden like feel. We were all invited to do a painting craft activity and what better activity than to get a little gnome paint magic involved!

 All of the children had an opportunity to paint their very own gnome! Hubby and I decided Miss Emmy will paint with "invisible" paint since paint + a toddler can equal a super sticky mess!

 One of the many things that I loved about the Dream Big Children's Center is that the whole center is an adventure within itself! Each of their rooms is neatly decorated with a specific theme! So you can go shopping at their tiendita or take off on a space adventure in their space room. No matter what adventure we chose, Miss Emmy made sure to bring along her little Gnome friend along! Can you spot Miss Emmy's Gnome?

Miss Emmy had such an amazing time making new friends and exploring room by room.

And because no party is perfect until the sweets are served, Piece of Cake By Angie provided delicious Gnome themed desserts to complement the celebration! 

It's so great to have a little mom time with these ladies! Even though we're each chasing our toddlers or picking up their mess; We still see any opportunity to hang out as a blessing and a time to catch up and support each other. We laugh, we cry, and maybe we even complain at times (hey, mom life) but, at the end of the day, we're all out there to empower and motivate each other! Thank you for coming out ladies!

And of course, a huge shout out to our very own Papasitos! Who are always there to help us out and support us all the way!!

Until next time!!! Let's see where our next adventure will take us!! 

Don't forget to check out Sherlock Gnomes! 

Out in theaters on March 23rd!!

Emmy and I can't wait!!!!


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