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L.A Mamacitas Blogger & Small Business Workshop Recap

As much as you can plan an event, activity, heck even a change in your life, things can and sometimes will go south. I almost missed our blogger workshop. Yes, an event that Ruby, Janet, and I have been planning like crazy and preparing for, was almost a no go for me. It's crazy how life throws you a curveball and it is up to you to get yourself up and push through. Although I'm not fully healed or ready to share my experience, I will say that being at this event surrounded by so many other ladies has helped me lift my spirits. There's nothing like being surrounded by a community of positive and empowering women and I am so proud of what L.A Mamacitas has created. No one knows what another person might be experiencing at that moment but, what I do know is that when you surround yourself with good people, you tend to forget those curveballs that life unexpectedly throws at you.

One thing about L.A Mamacitas is that a huge part of us is all about helping our com…

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