L.A Mamacitas x Sherlock Gnomes

You know when you're in a funk then suddenly, life starts throwing new opportunities at you to snap you out of it? I see you God!

My daily routine had me well.. bored.. tired.. and really in search of my next adventure. That was my mindset for the WeAllGrow Latina Summit (blog post on this adventure is on the works), find new opportunities and jump on them!

And well jump on them I sure did! I am so proud to say that I am now part of the amazing,

L.A Mamacitas!
If you're wondering who the L.A Mamacitas are?? The L.A Mamacitas consists of an amazing duo, Ruby and Janet who are mothers, wives, and damn hard workers. These Mamacitas are in charge of organizing empowering social events to bring together and connect the community and brands. Making it their mission to create a one of a kind experience where everyone can collaborate and connect with one another.

So, this duo opened up their doors and made me their first official Brand Ambassador! And just like that, the once duo is …

When Life Puts You in a Funk...


It's 2018 and it has taken me longer than usual to post, I know. 🙆

I'll be honest with all of you, I've fallen into a life funk!!

Yes, I have so many drafts and ideas of what I wanted to write about next then, LIFE!

My dog started getting sick.. Family Illnesses... Family deaths.. Family issues... Attorneys... and my Dog's passing.. Yep!

Hey 2018! You really have me on my toes this year!!

But, then again.. That is life! Asi Es La Vida! We go through our goods, our bad but, we'll push through in the end.

So I'll dedicate this post to snapping out of your funk!

First and foremost, I think it's important to realize when you're in a funk! I realized this when I had nothing else to do than to laugh at all of the misfortunes that I was going through. Already expecting the next thing that will go wrong.  Seriously, I started to laugh it off because of course that will happen to me... Bring it on.. right!?!

The more aware I became that I was going throu…

When Mama needs a break!

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a break and breathe...

Being a working mama is definitely not easy and just as I feel as though I can handle it all, life begins to test me. I've been on a short fuse lately, snapping at little things that I just need a little more patience with. Honestly, I feel the lack of sleep, my dog being sick, trying to take care of other peoples problems, and my curious toddler has this mama is all drained out. I hate to sound so negative because I try my best to always look at the bright side of things but, I would be lying to myself and to you guys if I said everything was good with this mama.

 My toddler is in the wandering/ independent stage, which means that this little girl is into anything and everything! In return, I'm staring to feel more stressed out after constantly running after her, rushing to move our dogs water bowl before she sticks her foot inside of it (again), hiding the Roomba vacuum before she manages to run it for the gazi…

A Time to Grow...

I'm still in the "I cannot believe I'm putting myself out there!" stage ahhh, I am so thankful for all of the feedback! Honestly, my heart sings every time I read your comments, direct messages, and texts. Thank you! Today, I wanted to share a little about the event finally pushed me to make the jump onto this blogging world.

A few months ago I came across the #WeAllGrow Latina Network, An amazing organization that promotes networking opportunities for Latina bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs. They focus on connecting brands with influencers and ultimately helping everyone Grow <3 They were holding an invite only event called #WeAllGrow Familia, catering to the digital entrepreneur mommy (and daddy). This event consisted of an entire day of panels, mentoring sessions, and of course networking opportunities.

My initial thought upon coming across this event was
1. How AMAZING it would be to attend this event!
2. How much I would learn as an upcoming blogger fr…